Shirt Design

5 10 2009

To enhance the promotion of my product, I decided to create a shirt design which suits the target audience of teens.  The design has a graphical and grudgy look which appeals to the younger generation and edgy.  The shirt includes aspects of the advertising campaigns to suit the theme in which it has throughout the whole lot of medium.

Here is the end product… epic shirt design


Competition Advertising

4 10 2009

To promote the product more successfully to the target audience, I thought that incorporating a competition into the advertising of the product would do wonders.  The competition goes out to anyone who had a creative hand and can draw a new design for the next series of epic shoes.  The winning design will then go on to be printed for the next series of shoes. 

To promote this more I created a Competition poster that is to be displayed on the internet, in magazines, and advertised as much as possible. 

The finishing competition poster. . . Competition advert

Billboard Series

4 10 2009

To promote every colour of the series of shoes, I thought about incorporating a billboard series into the advertising.  I have previously created a graphical piece of work which resembles swirls, drawings etc… So I used this as my inspiration for my billboard campaign ‘Your shoe is your canvas’.  The idea behind this, was to buy the new design of shoes in any colour you wanted, (red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, dark blue, purple) and use the epic pen to personalise it yourself.. It’s all about YOU, and what you want. 

I have a series of 7, one for each colour, each billboard just changing in the shoe logo colour that the design points to.  Below is a screen shot of the process.

billboard series


This design in fun, colourful, and reflects everything that the shoes embody.  It promotes the colourful nature, and the fact that the customer can actually make the shoes their own with their own designs.

Final Design of the colour red… Billboard series RED

Advertising Poster 2

4 10 2009

After creating the 1st poster, I followed my ideas from my sketches and decided to create another advertising poster to support that design.  Each including the shoes, the logo, and the text, but advertising the epic pen as an additional product that makes these shoes different and worthwhile buying.

Below is a screenshot of one of the processes undergone in making the poster.

poster 2 in process


Again, I kept with the theme of colours, however this took a lot of re-positioning and scaling to get the logo to fit in the middle of the shoes circle… It’s the circle of life, every teen must have a pair.  YOU DECIDE is incorporated into this design also.

The final product… advertising poster 2

Advertising Poster 1

4 10 2009

This poster came to mind with a friend, and we thought that having the shoes running on and off the page would give a great effect.  I thought deeper into the advertising and thought that incorporating a pun could work very well… Therefore I decided to call the advert “Catch them before they run out”.  Simple but effective.  Below is a part of the process that I went through before completing the poster.

making poster transparency of shoes

This was an enjoyable process.. However it took a lot of mucking around in Illustator, and transforming the shoes.  Each shoe was decreased by 10% opacity, and gave the effect that the shoe was running away.

To keep with the theme of the shoe design, I included elements from the shoes themselves, the logo and the same text.  Below is the final piece.

advertising poster 1

Planning for other traditional media

4 10 2009

After creating the flyer, I started to plan the advertising for other medium.  The flyer was my base idea, and I planned to keep the same sort of theme throughout the whole series of billboard series, posters, competition adverts, and t-shirt designs.  Below is my sketch of my ideas.

advertising planning and sketches

This sketch outlines the layouts, ideas and meaning behind each advert.

I plan to create 2 advertising posters featuring the shoes, a billboard series incorporating the new and unique epic pen that I have included as a bonus object in promoting the shoes.  Giving the buyer the chance to create their own drawings and designs on their shoes.  I also plan to make a billboard series based on this, and also animations.

Flyer in process

24 09 2009

After looking at the design of the flyer and the placement of the objects in it, i thought that it could be better set out…  I wanted the title “You Decide” to be the main attraction of the whole flyer, and the first thing your eyes direct to, so i needed to display things by making it the largest object.  Also, after getting feedback on the flyer the other elements were well placed, but the logo could be situated somewhere less impacting.

The previous shoes at the bottom of the flyer had visible white backgrounds, so to be able to edit and place them better  I put them into Photoshop and using the background erased tool and eraser tool, I removed any white from around the shoe making it transparent…


making shoes transparent

close up background erasing







After editing the shoes, I then put them onto the flyer instead of the previous, white background shoes. Below is the screenshot.placing shoes onto advert






After much re-arranging and re-sizing of elements to privialage the YOU DECIDE text, I came up with the end result below of the flyer.

You decide flyers