Text – Assigning a font

15 09 2009

This was a hard process, as the font says a lot about the product itself.  With the ‘e’ I wanted to make this bold, and mirror it so that it has the edgy look, and appeals to the young generation.  

The process which I underwent when rotating the ‘e’ is as followed:

Go to Object> transform> reflect > horizon >90 degrees


The text which I was tossing up between was:

-Abadi MT Condensed Extra Bold

-Academy Engraved LET Plain 1.0

-American Typewriter – Light 

-Century Gothic



I have attached a file of the options I came up with for my fonts.

Playing with the letter E


Brainstorming of my Shoe Brand Name

8 09 2009

Now that I have created a design to get my Corporate Identity started, and a positioning statement “Love the shoes you’re in…”, I need to assign a name for the shoe brand. In doing this, I must think of something that will appeal to the product, suit its appearance, sound appealing, and also suit my target audience of the younger generation.

Below are some of the names in which I have come up with…

-Splash – to suit the design inside the box, but has more of a reference to water……

-Edge – edgy, simple, links to the edgy new design… living on the edge

-Step – a reference to taking a step in a shoe

-Stomp – reference to dance

-Stompit – expand off stomp, reference to the splotch, that has been squashed…




-Controversials – “Are you game enough to put your foot in it…”

-Epic – aimed at teens, the new ‘it’ term, e.g. epic failure LIKE THIS IDEA

Looking at colour in the logo

5 09 2009

I thought I would experiment with colours in the logo, particularly with the background box, I can just change that one colour….. In relation to the tag line “Love the shoes your in” I thought I would take a happiness approach and incorporate the rainbow colour scheme.  Personally I love the colours, and this idea could come in very hands when creating my advertising, and promoting the Corporate Identity…

playing with coloursI used the Pantone Solid Uncoated colour book, as this is the most commonly used colour book with printing and graphic design.. etc…

Initial development of the logo in Illustrator

5 09 2009

From the sketches, and experiments that I made in my book and in Illustrator, I began to take on the ideas from my research…. Simple idea, but appealing…. This is where I used my splash shape, incorporating the heart… and putting the design in a box… Concealing it… I experimented a lot with this design. Firstly have a look at what I have come up with….

My idea


I began by playing around with the symbols and brushes, and found a splash symbol, but I wanted to create my own, so I searched the web, found an image I liked and live traced it…

To do this you open an image go to Object>live trace>tracing options… in here you can adjust the threshold and view the image your are vectorising… it gives a great effect… once you are happy with your results press trace. From then on you go to Object>expand and this allows you to select any part of the image and change its colour…  I used this expand tool to delete the inside of the splash and the outer splashes, so that when a background is inserted you can see through the image….Modicum.  (2005).  

Below is the original image that I began with…splash

“Modicum” Retrieved on 1 September 2009, from http://home.earthlink.net/~modicum1/museic.htm

This image I vectorised, which I then inserted the heart on top, that I had previously been experimenting with (made with a brush).  Using the dotted line brush I made another heart inside the previous heart to add that layer effect.  I kept the colours in black and white because I wanted a simple idea to start with that I can expand on later on…

The image looked appealing, but I took it a step further with the spiral tool.  The circular shapes that had formed in the splash, I made into spirals (on the left hand side tools, under Twirl Tool, and by double clicking on the option you can increase and decrease size, angle etc…) See below. 

I also used the warp tool to stretch out some of the splash marks, to give a more branching out effect.



twirl tool 


The beginning of my logo design

5 09 2009

To start off my planning, I drew sketches of shapes, symbols that came to my head.  Just a initial sketch to branch off, below are just some very simple sketches to get me started….

sketch of my initial idea

From this idea, I then began to play around in Illustrator….

I took a particular focus on the splash effect and spirals, hearts, and lines.  I took the phrase from my planning ‘Love the shoe your in’ as my base idea, incorporating the heart, along with ‘The look that will drive others crazy’ for the spiral.

By using a simple design like a heart, or a spiral, its easily distinguished and not difficult to make.  I thought I could incorporate this whole ‘SPLASH’ idea as the name of the product, linking to the splash that I plan to use in the design. 


Below is the illustrator experiments in which I played around with. 

 beginning ideas for corporate identity