Planning for other traditional media

4 10 2009

After creating the flyer, I started to plan the advertising for other medium.  The flyer was my base idea, and I planned to keep the same sort of theme throughout the whole series of billboard series, posters, competition adverts, and t-shirt designs.  Below is my sketch of my ideas.

advertising planning and sketches

This sketch outlines the layouts, ideas and meaning behind each advert.

I plan to create 2 advertising posters featuring the shoes, a billboard series incorporating the new and unique epic pen that I have included as a bonus object in promoting the shoes.  Giving the buyer the chance to create their own drawings and designs on their shoes.  I also plan to make a billboard series based on this, and also animations.


Flyer in process

24 09 2009

After looking at the design of the flyer and the placement of the objects in it, i thought that it could be better set out…  I wanted the title “You Decide” to be the main attraction of the whole flyer, and the first thing your eyes direct to, so i needed to display things by making it the largest object.  Also, after getting feedback on the flyer the other elements were well placed, but the logo could be situated somewhere less impacting.

The previous shoes at the bottom of the flyer had visible white backgrounds, so to be able to edit and place them better  I put them into Photoshop and using the background erased tool and eraser tool, I removed any white from around the shoe making it transparent…


making shoes transparent

close up background erasing







After editing the shoes, I then put them onto the flyer instead of the previous, white background shoes. Below is the screenshot.placing shoes onto advert






After much re-arranging and re-sizing of elements to privialage the YOU DECIDE text, I came up with the end result below of the flyer.

You decide flyers

Changing the shoe design

21 09 2009

After looking at the appealing factor of the shoe design, I thought it was a little dull with just the e logo on it in one of the colours…. So I decided to add a rainbow graphic to the bottom, (spike like effect) with each strand being one of the colours of the rainbow…. This just ties the whole design together…

Below is a screen shot of the process in illustrator of putting the graphic on the shoe.  I created this with a brush, and expanded the appearance, selecting each strand individually and changing the colour. 

new rainbow added on shoe designHaving this design on the shoe gives it a more appealing, and youthful look.

Using the logo in advertising

19 09 2009

After making the rainbow coloured ‘e’ I thought that I could use each separate colour for the actual branding of the shoe… Below is an example of each colour on the logo…

all coloured e'sThe colour book in which I used was Pantone Solid Uncoated…



Red = Pantone Red 032 U, Orange = Pantone 021 U, Yellow = Pantone  108 U, Green = Pantone 354 U, Blue Cyan = Process Cyan U, Dark Blue = Pantone 072 U, Purple = Pantone Purple U

After creating the coloured logo’s e, I applied them onto the shoes themselves.  By using the distort and transform tool I applied them onto the shoes in a way that looked believable and suited the shoe.

 logo on converse shoes for advertisingred e on shoe – this shows a close up of the logo on the shoe, in just red, while below is in Illustator demonstrating the start of my advertising poster for the shoe.

Finalising the logo – tag line

19 09 2009

After much playing around and experimenting with the logo and paintbrushes I came up with the following logos below that incorporate 3 different tag lines…

epic final design - put your foot in itepic final design - extreme power...







epic final design - love the shoe your in







These taglines being…

-Love the shoe you’re in

-Put your foot in it

-Extreme. Power. Individuality. Comfort.

From these logos and their tag lines, i particularly liked the acronym idea of the 4 words.  It grabs the attention of the audience, gives an insight into the quality of the product, and is short and sweet…. The tag line ‘Put your foot in it’ more suits the target audience of teens and is more suited to the actual brand ‘epic’….

From the basic black and white design here, I thought about my colour scheme, and considering that the colours i wanted to use in advertising was the rainbow I considered using a rainbow gradient in the ‘e’ of the logo… and having separate coloured ‘e’s for the shoes themselves, e.g. a single red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, and purple shoe… so u can pick the coloured logo you please…

Here is a look at the coloured ‘e’ logo… I believe that it gives the brand a brightening up, gives it energy, excitement, enjoyment, fun and suits the actual branding ‘epic’ perfectly…..

finalised epic logo with colour

Illustrator – experimenting with paintbrush tools

17 09 2009

After playing around with the paintbrushes in illustrator, I came across that you can drag a brush on top of text to apply that effect… from this experiment I came up with new, more appealing ideas for my logo… Below are the trials

‘e’ by itself experiment 2

‘e’ by itself experiment 3

‘e’ by itself with trail around

‘e’ pic design trial 2

From these experiments, I immensely liked the ‘e’ by itself with the trail behind it, with box like objects around it…

Changed idea – using the ‘e’ as the main logo

16 09 2009

After experimenting more in photoshop and coming up with a design I liked, I thought that having the box, heart logo was a bit too much for the identity.  Instead I’ve decided to use the square heart as part of my advertising campaign rather than in the logo itself….

Below is a link to the ‘e pic’ design I have made…

‘e’ pic design trial 1