Looking at the design of Shoe Logos

4 09 2009

Moving on from looking at converse as my inspiration, I have began to research into shoe brands and logos looking for ideas as to how I should develop mine. I have come across through this research that most shoe logos when placed on products are simple yet effective, e.g. a letter, a symbol or shape.  They are easily distinguished, and are impacting……

 I have uploaded some examples of shoe brands, which I am going to branch off for my design.


Brown’s. (2009). “Shot Fit Co.”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from http://fortcollinsshoes.com/design7.html.















Kirk’s. (2009). “The Shoe Fitting Specialists.”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from http://www.kirkshoes.co.uk/links.php.


Shoes – Converse

3 09 2009

Moving on from the last idea, i thought about my target audience, and being an adolescent myself I thought about things that appealed to me.  A popular must have product for most teens nowadays is a pair (or many more) of converse shoes.  Comfy, fashionable, and stylish, what more would you want? 

I researched into the brand and found it inspirational, particularly the use of graphic design on the shoes themselves and the advertising.  Below is a YouTube video I found that gave me some inspirational ideas….

You Tube.  (2009). “Converse Advertisement.”  Retrieved1 September 2009,  from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6yPPQJmIPs

Along with this advert, I found many images that were very much appealing to the eye, which I have used as the base of my idea for a new shoe that I am going to brand….

converese-grateful-dead-hi-topdr-romanelli-converse-1openphotonet_stuck_on_converseconverse logo

decorative conniesadvert example converseThese are just some of the examples of their effective advertising campaigns, and in my Corporate Identity I’m going to incorporate similar techniques….

branding advertisement converse

converse adconverse ad amazing












Images taken from 

Converse. (2009). “Converse.”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from http://www.converse.com/.

New Idea – drinks

3 09 2009

From discussions in class, and the brief of the assessment, there are pros and cons to choosing either an existing company or creating your own.  However, I have decided to create a new company so that I can introduce a new amazing product, an exciting advertising campaign, and a visually appealing corporate identity. 

My 1st idea of what I could re-design was a drink.  Soft drinks, energy drinks, and mineral waters are very popular nowadays, particularly in regards to advertising.  I researched and found the vitamin water series, which is more aimed at a younger age group, and incorporates stories on the side of the bottle.  I thought this would be a great idea, but the actual branding stage would be really difficult….

vitamin waters

Taylor, D. (2008). “Who will win the vitamin water wars?”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from http://wheresthesausage.typepad.com/my_weblog/brand-launches/.

These bottles are appealing, simple, and colourful, therefore appealing to the younger generation….

I used this approach to further my idea, and moved onto another idea of shoes….