Assesment Outline – Presentation of Corporate Identity (CID)

You are to design the corporate identity of a product, business or corporation.  This should include a variety of elements which can be used to brand the identity….

 This should include at least three of the following:  street poster (A3), stationery theme, print advert (B&W and colour), web banner, animated logo for TV.

Design Requirements

 You are to design an identity for a product or a corporation.  This can be a wholly original invention, or the redesign of an existing identity in consultation with your tutor.

You will need to design a corporate logo and at least one element from each of the following categories must be included in the final package :

Traditional media

Street poster series and/ or flyers

  • Billboard series mock-up
  • Company stationery
  • Product Gimmicks (Beer coolers, pens, lighters, coffee mugs, USB sticks, carry bags, t-shirts, fridge magnets, etc)


Electronic Media

  • Website splash screen
  • Animated logo for TV or Games Console (HD)
  • e-banner (swf or gif)
  • Audio jingle/s
  • Storyboard for a web advert


CID Requirements

 Corporate Identity (CID) is not just a bunch of design files on a disk.  It is an organism of interconnected themes which help define the company or the product in the minds and lifestyles of its intended market audience.

 To illustrate that this is taking place in your design submissions you will have to submit a short .pdf file (no more than 500 words) outlining the following :

Campaign & Identity Rationale

 How will the campaign be rolled out

  • What elements of the design signify the ID
  • Comment on the cultural positioning of the ID
  • How ill the ID operate in the market place
  • You may also incorporate additional or complimentary elements which will aid in defining the identity design as a holistic approach
  • This will also be included as a download link on your Word Press design journal.


(3 Minute) Presentation Requirements

You will be required to discuss the corporation or product in terms of its market presence and how your identity design will aid in promoting the company or product to its intended audience.

 You may use the submitted .pdf of your Campaign and Identity Rationale as a prompt.

 Things to consider for your presentation

  • You should discuss how the CID is to be implemented – roll out schedule of various elements
  • An assessment of the market sector/s (local and/or international), in which the CID is to be launched
  • Who is the target audience?
  • How does this CID operate in the market place and in the minds and the lifestyles of its target audience.
  • If it is a redesign of the original identity you must explain why this new approach improves on the previous one.
  • Decisions about colour, symbol, meaning and aesthetic must be addressed.
  • You should include all references to design precedents and any influences you encountered during the design ‘journey’.


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