Reflection Time

11 10 2009

Looking back at the process and creation of this logo and corporate identity, I’m happy with the end result.  I enjoyed all aspects of this creation and it helped me explore different ways of not only advertising, but unique ways of making a logo design successful.  The campaign and identity outlines all my intentions also, and reasoning behind the design.  I ran into a few problems with being able to use software, but with the help of teachers, and tutorials off the internet, I coped fine.  My design suits the target audience, and being a teen myself, I thought it came across successfully.


Campaign and Identity

11 10 2009

Epic is a new edgy & personalized shoe/sneaker design aimed at youth/adolescents.  The way it is to be implemented is by promoting it with the unique epic pen which allows the buyer to draw their own designs on their shoes and also incorporating the slogan “Your shoe is your canvas” for this campaign.  In saying this, I have integrated a competition where anyone can draw their own design for the epic shoes, and whoever is chosen, their designs get printed on the next shoe series.  The shoes will be available through the company itself ( or at most common clothing & shoe retail outlets.  This new design will be available at many stores, trying to promote the product more successfully & for youth of different lifestyles.


Having a diversity of stores selling the brand covers a wide range of teen lifestyles (e.g. City Beach=surfy/skating, Williams=comfy & reliable shoe, & Target=family shop, reasonable priced, good quality, and casual).  In regards to the teen target audience, the reasoning behind this is to target youth and promote the versatility, fun & unique personality these shoes have, in particular, including the epic pen & being able to personalize your own shoes.  The tag line ‘Put your foot in it’ is rather youthful slang, it’s the ‘it’ thing, you ‘gotta’ get yourself a pair.  The rainbow colour range lets the teen decide what colour suits them.  As the campaign says, YOU DECIDE.  The actual layout of the logo itself is also aimed at a younger target audience; the backwards graphic ‘e’, the bright, fun colours, the slanted, edgy placement of text & also the straight-to-the-point tagline.  Teens want to make their own choices, so having all seven colours to choose from gives them the chance to have a decision on their style.  Mixing and matching colours, it’s up to them. 


To expand the success & full potential of epic shoes in the market place I have incorporated a number of advertising campaigns.  The ‘YOU DECIDE’ campaign, the ‘Catch them before they run out’ and the ‘Your shoe is your canvas’, all of which incorporate the diversity, fun personality of the shoes.  To expand their success, the design competition was incorporated giving buyers a chance to show their talent, and draw their own designs for the next series of epic shoes.  The advertising is based online, on TV, on billboards, & in magazines to broaden its awareness.   


The epic logo design altogether is used on all advertising, but the actual identity of the design is the backwards e.  This element is used on all the shoes as its branding logo, being simple, effective, & youthful, it also applies to the target audience.  The actual epic shoes ‘e’ is all the colours of the rainbow, however this represents the seven colours in which the design is available in.  The whole design is about giving the customer a choice, letting them create their own style. 


Launching the Brand to the Public

11 10 2009

In order to launch the epic shoe brand I decided to put the advertising posters, competition posters etc into practice in the workplace, and into reality, where the common eye of a buyer would be.  I have done this so that you can see how the brand will be launched to the public, where and how… for example, on billboards, posters in streets, magazines, etc.  Below is some images that I made with the help of PhotoMania.

Click on the flipbook to see the animation

advert in streetbillboard in streetflip bookmagazine catch them b4night street catch them b4street singsnewspaper of competition

Creating a Website Splash Back

7 10 2009

splashback imageEpic Shoes has its own website, so I thought I would create a Website Splash Back to accompany the design.  I looked up tutorials, but the easiest way is to make a jpeg backdrop.  This wasn’t too hard, as I just used similar colouring and branding to the posters and designs I have previously made.  I made it simple but effective, with a focus on the top half for the branding and shoes itself and the bottom just plain white with the logo and ‘continue’ to skip onto the website itself…

Creating an e-banner

7 10 2009

Having no experience in e-banners, I searched the internet for tutorials.  Luckily enough I came across a website that created them for you, as long as you enter all the details in which you want it.  So this was a simple and easy process accessing this on I made two banners, one saying “Epic Shoes, Catch them before they run out..” and “Epic Shoes, Your shoe is your canvas”.



e-banner 2

Editing of the Competition Poster

7 10 2009

After evaluating the poster more, I thought that adding a pen, and maybe some use of scribbling to suit the whole drawing your design’s theme of the poster.  To do this, I vectorized a picture of a pen, adjusting the threshold so that the pen was fully black and added it to the poster.  To add scribble, I used the pen tool, underneath the pen as if it had just drawn it, and also an abstract scribble on the shoe itself. 

This is the final result. . .Competition advert

Creating Flash Animations

5 10 2009

After our tutorial in class, I has a small knowledge of how to create my own animation.  By saving each element of all the logo, and each of the 7 coloured e’s, I then imported them into Flash making a simple but effective animation that illustrates the logo, and how all the 7 colours make up the epic logo.  I then proceeded to create another one using each of the 7 shoes with the 7 different colours displayed, and also the ‘You Decide’ tagline.  The logos are simple but effective.

E animationshoes animation