Flyer in process

24 09 2009

After looking at the design of the flyer and the placement of the objects in it, i thought that it could be better set out…  I wanted the title “You Decide” to be the main attraction of the whole flyer, and the first thing your eyes direct to, so i needed to display things by making it the largest object.  Also, after getting feedback on the flyer the other elements were well placed, but the logo could be situated somewhere less impacting.

The previous shoes at the bottom of the flyer had visible white backgrounds, so to be able to edit and place them better  I put them into Photoshop and using the background erased tool and eraser tool, I removed any white from around the shoe making it transparent…


making shoes transparent

close up background erasing







After editing the shoes, I then put them onto the flyer instead of the previous, white background shoes. Below is the screenshot.placing shoes onto advert






After much re-arranging and re-sizing of elements to privialage the YOU DECIDE text, I came up with the end result below of the flyer.

You decide flyers




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