The flyer in the making

21 09 2009

After finalising the shoe design, I began to play around in Illustrator with brushes, lines, shapes, graphics, symbols, colours and vectorised images to give the flyer an appealing, youthful, wow factor appearance.  The making of the flyer was a long process, particularly with the placement of objects, and displaying the logo visibly, the colour scheme and what to write about the shoe, however experimenting constantly led to a great outcome. 

I kept the simple colour scheme of black and white, with a touch of the rainbow scheme in aswell.  I used angles and direction in my text, shapes, and alignment, to give a more abstract and modern look.  Below is one of the first screen shots of my process, and experimenting.  I also chose to include all 7 shoe designs in the flyer to show the diversity of the product. 

process of making poster






After more experimenting, and opinions from teens themselves, I played around more with the placement of objects, playing around with the text objects and arrows… See below..

 process of making advertisement 2




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