Finalising the logo – tag line

19 09 2009

After much playing around and experimenting with the logo and paintbrushes I came up with the following logos below that incorporate 3 different tag lines…

epic final design - put your foot in itepic final design - extreme power...







epic final design - love the shoe your in







These taglines being…

-Love the shoe you’re in

-Put your foot in it

-Extreme. Power. Individuality. Comfort.

From these logos and their tag lines, i particularly liked the acronym idea of the 4 words.  It grabs the attention of the audience, gives an insight into the quality of the product, and is short and sweet…. The tag line ‘Put your foot in it’ more suits the target audience of teens and is more suited to the actual brand ‘epic’….

From the basic black and white design here, I thought about my colour scheme, and considering that the colours i wanted to use in advertising was the rainbow I considered using a rainbow gradient in the ‘e’ of the logo… and having separate coloured ‘e’s for the shoes themselves, e.g. a single red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue, and purple shoe… so u can pick the coloured logo you please…

Here is a look at the coloured ‘e’ logo… I believe that it gives the brand a brightening up, gives it energy, excitement, enjoyment, fun and suits the actual branding ‘epic’ perfectly…..

finalised epic logo with colour




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