Epic – What can I do with this?

15 09 2009

When I hear the word EPIC I immediately think of adolescence and the slang and lingo that we use. For example a prime example is the phrase ‘epic failure’.  The word has a connection with the younger generation therefore will suit the identity of these shoes.  With this word I began by thinking up acronyms for each letter, considering that it’s a small word and simple, the acronym idea could work well in an advertising campaign.  Below are some of the words I came up with that I thought possibly could suit the letters E P I and C….

E = everyday, extreme, enjoyable, exciting, element, expectations, enjoyment

P = pleasure, peace, play, power, product, potential, performance

I = intimate, irregular, including, identity, innovative, inspire, individuality

C = comfort, creativity, communication, competition, choice 

The bold are my favourite out of the line, however I came to a conclusion of the acronym.

Extreme, Power, Indiviuality, Comfort….. These are powerful words that I am going to use in my advertising….

Below is the sketches I did to come to this conclusion. 

ideas of names for company




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