Brainstorming of my Shoe Brand Name

8 09 2009

Now that I have created a design to get my Corporate Identity started, and a positioning statement “Love the shoes you’re in…”, I need to assign a name for the shoe brand. In doing this, I must think of something that will appeal to the product, suit its appearance, sound appealing, and also suit my target audience of the younger generation.

Below are some of the names in which I have come up with…

-Splash – to suit the design inside the box, but has more of a reference to water……

-Edge – edgy, simple, links to the edgy new design… living on the edge

-Step – a reference to taking a step in a shoe

-Stomp – reference to dance

-Stompit – expand off stomp, reference to the splotch, that has been squashed…




-Controversials – “Are you game enough to put your foot in it…”

-Epic – aimed at teens, the new ‘it’ term, e.g. epic failure LIKE THIS IDEA




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