Initial development of the logo in Illustrator

5 09 2009

From the sketches, and experiments that I made in my book and in Illustrator, I began to take on the ideas from my research…. Simple idea, but appealing…. This is where I used my splash shape, incorporating the heart… and putting the design in a box… Concealing it… I experimented a lot with this design. Firstly have a look at what I have come up with….

My idea


I began by playing around with the symbols and brushes, and found a splash symbol, but I wanted to create my own, so I searched the web, found an image I liked and live traced it…

To do this you open an image go to Object>live trace>tracing options… in here you can adjust the threshold and view the image your are vectorising… it gives a great effect… once you are happy with your results press trace. From then on you go to Object>expand and this allows you to select any part of the image and change its colour…  I used this expand tool to delete the inside of the splash and the outer splashes, so that when a background is inserted you can see through the image….Modicum.  (2005).  

Below is the original image that I began with…splash

“Modicum” Retrieved on 1 September 2009, from

This image I vectorised, which I then inserted the heart on top, that I had previously been experimenting with (made with a brush).  Using the dotted line brush I made another heart inside the previous heart to add that layer effect.  I kept the colours in black and white because I wanted a simple idea to start with that I can expand on later on…

The image looked appealing, but I took it a step further with the spiral tool.  The circular shapes that had formed in the splash, I made into spirals (on the left hand side tools, under Twirl Tool, and by double clicking on the option you can increase and decrease size, angle etc…) See below. 

I also used the warp tool to stretch out some of the splash marks, to give a more branching out effect.



twirl tool 





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