Shoes – Converse

3 09 2009

Moving on from the last idea, i thought about my target audience, and being an adolescent myself I thought about things that appealed to me.  A popular must have product for most teens nowadays is a pair (or many more) of converse shoes.  Comfy, fashionable, and stylish, what more would you want? 

I researched into the brand and found it inspirational, particularly the use of graphic design on the shoes themselves and the advertising.  Below is a YouTube video I found that gave me some inspirational ideas….

You Tube.  (2009). “Converse Advertisement.”  Retrieved1 September 2009,  from

Along with this advert, I found many images that were very much appealing to the eye, which I have used as the base of my idea for a new shoe that I am going to brand….

converese-grateful-dead-hi-topdr-romanelli-converse-1openphotonet_stuck_on_converseconverse logo

decorative conniesadvert example converseThese are just some of the examples of their effective advertising campaigns, and in my Corporate Identity I’m going to incorporate similar techniques….

branding advertisement converse

converse adconverse ad amazing












Images taken from 

Converse. (2009). “Converse.”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from




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