New Idea – drinks

3 09 2009

From discussions in class, and the brief of the assessment, there are pros and cons to choosing either an existing company or creating your own.  However, I have decided to create a new company so that I can introduce a new amazing product, an exciting advertising campaign, and a visually appealing corporate identity. 

My 1st idea of what I could re-design was a drink.  Soft drinks, energy drinks, and mineral waters are very popular nowadays, particularly in regards to advertising.  I researched and found the vitamin water series, which is more aimed at a younger age group, and incorporates stories on the side of the bottle.  I thought this would be a great idea, but the actual branding stage would be really difficult….

vitamin waters

Taylor, D. (2008). “Who will win the vitamin water wars?”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from

These bottles are appealing, simple, and colourful, therefore appealing to the younger generation….

I used this approach to further my idea, and moved onto another idea of shoes….




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