Characteristics of a Logo

3 09 2009

Logo is a simple design that deliver big idea or represent your business no matter how big is it. The magic behind logo design is to be able to form the company name slogan or color to create a creative logo idea.

 There is simple basic rules to follow when you design a logo. Logo design rules include the following rules:

  1. Use limited number of colors, for example 2-3 colors at the most.
  2. Use simple lines that can look good in printing or in back and white.
  3. Make the edges of the logo consistent to not lose details in small size

Below we have selected some beautiful and creative logos that will hopefully inspire you to be creative.

Example of good logo 4Example of good logo 5Example of good logo 6Example of good logo 7Example of good logo 8Good example of logo 2Example of good logo






GraphicMania. (2009). “30 Creative Logo Designs for your inspiration.”   Retrieved 1 September 2009, from




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